Sunway XFarms

Media Kit

Branding Guidelines

Avoid representing Sunway XFarms in a way that puts the Sunway XFarms brand in a negative context.

Keep the word XFarms consistent

  • Keep the letters “XF” in XFarms capitalized and together, without a space in between.
  • Do not remove the letter “s” from “XFarms”
  • Do not alter, abbreviate or translate the word XFarms to a different language or by using non-English characters, or use any of our logos to replace it.
  • Do not combine “Sunway XFarms” or “XFarms” with your own brand.

For farms powered by Sunway XFarms, avoid making the XFarms brand the most distinctive or prominent feature.

View our Branding Guidelines here.

Our Logo

The Sunway XFarms logo is our most important asset and comes with a set clear space.

By downloading our logo, you agree to adhere to the Brand Guidelines alongside the rules stated below:

SunwayXFarms logo

DO maintain the shape, colour and proportions of our assets.

To ensure accurate and consistent use; never alter, rotate, embellish or attempt to recreate Sunway XFarms’ brand assets. Please contact for company assets or refer to our media kit.

DON’T alter the design or colour of our assets.

You may not stylise, warp, modify the colour/ shape of the assets, or flip the X logo. If you are unable to use the correct colour due to heavy backgrounds or technical limitations, you may use a white logo.

DO comply with the logo clearspace.

The Sunway XFarms logo comes with a set clearspace. Please adhere to it by ensuring no other element crosses into the space. Additionally, use assets at a legible size.

DO ensure the Sunway XFarms logo size is equal to its neighboring icons.

Be sure to maintain its shape and proportions, and provide sufficient clearspace between each logo.

Company Description

Sunway XFarms is a company that grows fresh, safe and nutritious produce in sustainable smart farms near you. We build decentralized farms in urban
spaces, growing crops with the support of smart IoT & precision farming tech, less resources & zero pesticides.

Sunway XFarms’ mission is to grow planet-friendly produce around the country– fighting climate change, food wastage and nutrition lost through complex food travel processes. We currently serve a large number of F&B outlets and home customers, supplying high quality, pesticide-free vegetables which are picked at maximum flavour & delivered within 5 hours of harvest. Our ambition is to scale our urban farming initiatives, collaborating with ecosystem partners to improve Malaysia’s food safety and security.

Key Highlights

The Edge:
Agritech: Creating an innovative ecosystem for urban farming
Sunway goes into agritech
Addressing sustainable food production and consumption
Sunway XFarms to launch KL’s largest indoor farm in 3Q22
Growing need for urban farming in Malaysia

The Star:
Sunway builds 1st urban farming innovation hub
Dealing with excess greens

#TECH: The making of city farmers
Sunway to build Malaysia’s first ever urban farming lab
Sunway XFarms to launch largest indoor vertical farm in Q3
Sunway XFarms plans four urban farm hubs
Is vertical farming tech the solution to our food security concerns?

The Malay Mail:
How Sunway is helping to boost Malaysia’s food security with its responsible urban, organic farming practices

Business Today:
Sunway announces Malaysia’s first urban farming innovation hub
Sunway XFarms Paves the Way For A Greener, More Sustainable Malaysia
Sunway XFarms To Launch Largest Indoor Vertical Farm In KL

The Smart Local Malaysia

Sunway XFarms To Launch KL City Centre’s Largest Indoor Vertical Farm By Q3 2022

Sunway XFarms to launch KL’s largest indoor farm in 3Q22

Sunway XFarms lancar ladang sayur tertutup terbesar di KL pada suku ketiga 2022

Sinar Daily:
Sunway XFarms to launch KL’s largest indoor vertical farm

Bernama (BM):
Sunway XFarm sedia lancar ladang menegak tertutup terbesar di Kuala Lumpur

World Future TV:

Food Matters:
Sunway XFarms to Launch Larges Indoor Vertical Farm in Kuala Lumpur City Centre

Sunway XFarms to launch largest indoor vertical farm in Q3

Sunway XFarms expanding urban vegetable farming in city towers

Sunway XFarms To Open Largest Farm In Kuala Lumpur

Sunway XFarms to launch KL’s largest indoor farm in 3Q22

Sunway XFarms to launch largest indoor vertical farm in Q3

Latest Malaysia:
Sunway XFarms To Launch Largest Indoor Vertical Farm In KL

Digital News Asia:
Sunway XFarms to launch largest indoor vertical farm in KL City

Vertical Farm Daily:
Sunway XFarms to launch indoor vertical farm in KL City
Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur farm set for completion in Q4 2022

Niaga Times:
Sunway XFarms to launch largest indoor vertical farm in Kuala Lumpur city centre

Malaysian Business:
Sunway XFarms to Launch Largest Indoor Vertical Farm in Kuala Lumpur City Centre

Asian Property Review:

Sunway XFarms To Launch Largest Indoor Vertical Farm In Kuala Lumpur City Centre

Tatler Asia:
These Urban Farms Lead the Way in Sustainable Food Production in the City

Berita Sunway:
Berita Sunway 73
The New Garden of Eden
Age of the Farmer

SinChew Daily

Legal Terms

By using the Sunway XFarms trademarks, you agree to follow Sunway XFarms’ Brand Guidelines (the “Guidelines”), our Terms of Service and all other rules & policies.

Sunway XFarms reserves the right to cancel, modify, or change this policy at any time at its sole discretion without notice.

These Guidelines apply to your use of any and all of Sunway XFarms’ trademarks. You may use these trademarks only for the purposes expressly authorized by Sunway XFarms. It is strictly compulsory to comply with these Guidelines at all times, and any use of the trademarks in violation of these Guidelines will automatically terminate any permission related to your use of Sunway XFarms’ trademarks. Sunway XFarms reserves the right to grant or deny any permission at its sole discretion and for any reason.

For further questions or clarifications about the guideline, please contact


You may not modify the Sunway XFarms trademarks in any manner, including but not limited to– changing the proportion, colour, or shape of the Sunway XFarms trademarks, or flipping, adding, or removing any elements from the Sunway XFarms trademarks.


You may not use the Sunway XFarms trademarks in any way implying sponsorship or endorsement by Sunway XFarms without written authorization and agreement from Sunway XFarms.


Sunway XFarms trademarks must appear by themselves, with appropriate spacing between each side of the logo and other visual, graphic, or textual elements.


The Sunway XFarms trademarks should not be placed in any way that interferes with the legibility or display of the entirety of the Sunway XFarms trademarks.


You may not use the Sunway XFarms trademarks to depreciate the Sunway XFarms brand, its products or services, or in a manner which at Sunway XFarms sole discretion, may diminish or tarnish Sunway XFarms goodwill.


When creating a farm, product, app, website, or service that uses or interacts with Sunway XFarms, use a unique name, logo, and design that cannot be confused with the Sunway XFarms trademarks. You should not apply for any trademarks or domains that include Sunway XFarms trademarks or any other confusingly similar variations.


You acknowledge that all rights to the Sunway XFarms trademarks are the exclusive property of Sunway XFarms, and all goodwill generated through your use of these trademarks will solely benefit Sunway XFarms. You will not take any action that conflicts with Sunway XFarms’ rights in, or ownership of, the Sunway XFarms trademarks.

Sunway XFarms reserves the rights to modify these Guidelines, the Brand Guidelines, or the Sunway XFarms trademarks at its sole discretion at any time, and to take appropriate action against any unauthorized or nonconforming use of the Sunway XFarms trademarks.