Sunway XFarms

Farm Kit Guide

Grow your very own produce hydroponically!

What's inside

  1. 1 packet Pak Choy seeds
  2. x2 netpot holder rings
  3. AB nutrients (1 bottle each)
  4. Clay pebbles
  5. Netpot
  6. x4 sponges

Materials you need

x1 jar  / 1.5l plastic bottle
*If using a bottle, cut & use the bottom half 

Dark cloth
To block out sunlight during the germination stage

Growing Method

Day 1

Remove sponges & clay pebbles from netpot

Remove x1 sponge & soak it in water

Place 3 seeds in the slit. Make sure it is not too deep.

Place the sponge in the netpot & put into the netpot holder ring.

Place on top of the jar/bottle filled with 500ml of tap water. It should cover half the sponge.

Cover the jar/bottle with a dark cloth & away from sunlight (blackout stage)

* Check daily if the sponge is wet. Spray some water if it is slightly dry.

Day 4

Remove cloth & ungerminated seeds.

Pour half cap of nutrient A and half cap of nutrient B into 500ml of water & mix.
Ratio: 1/2 cap A + 1/2 cap B + 500ml water

Place farm kit on a sunny window sill / shaded area outdoor. Avoid direct sunlight for prolonged hours.

* Measure half cap by looking at the spiral of the cap, the level should reach the 2nd line from the top of the spiral.

* Nutrient water mixture should look clear. If it looks yellowish, there is too much nutrients. 

Day 18

When small leaves have formed, place clay pebbles onto the sponge to prevent algae & provide support.

You can expose the plant under shaded sunlight from now on.

If water level drops, create a separate (1/2 cap A + 1/2 cap B + 500ml water) mixture to top up the jar/bottle.

Day 50

Your plant is ready for harvest!
Cut off the sponge & enjoy.

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