Sunway XFarms


About Growner

Our vegetables are hydroponically-farmed (water base) but they are just as good and nutritious as organic vegetables. They are grown using high quality non-GMO seeds without any pesticides and harmful chemicals.

For an in depth read about organic vs hydroponic / pesticide-free farming, please read our article here.

Yes, you may. However, we require for you to give us a 1-month advance notice.

Subscribers get a preference form every month where you tell us which of the available harvest you’d like in your bags and which to exclude. Further discussion can be made by contacting us.

Yes we do but only up to 25km radius from the farm. Additional delivery fee applies.

Vegetable pickup time at Sunway XFarms is set as every Friday. However, if you would like us to deliver or pick up at another date please contact us in advance at to arrange.

About Farm

Compared to traditional soil farming, hydroponics uses 90% less water, generates 30-40% higher yield/square ft, with no pesticides/herbicides required. We practice smart farming in which we grow fresh and clean vegetables using the latest precision technology to ensure optimal quality.

Our headquarters at Sunway FutureX is open for the public to visit from Monday-Friday (excluding public holidays), 9am-6pm.

Book a farm tour here.

Yes. We can organize both virtual and physical workshops with a minimum registered pax of 30. For more information, please visit our workshop page.

Got other concerns? Contact us!