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Monthly Growner 2 – Leafy

RM189.00 / month

Growner 2 Leafy : Min. 1.5 KG of leafy vegetables x 4 weeks/ month
Suitable for 4-6 pax households

Fresh vegetable harvest hand-grown & picked for you every week. Choose between premium salad lettuces, hearty Asian greens, or a delicious mix of the two.

No triple washing needed! Store in a plastic/glass container in the fridge & lightly rinse before using for a shelf life up to 10 days.

Pickup/Delivery is every Friday. Special requests regarding packaging may be discussed with the team.

*Upon subscribing you will be auto-billed monthly, cancellation can be done via your account profile page.

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Salad Lettuces, Asian Greens, Salad & Asian Mix

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