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Have Free Hours to Spend? Try these Easy Green Skills today!

The school holidays are upon us, and if you find yourself wanting to try something new in your free time, take a look at this green list we’ve compiled for you! Not only are they insightful new skills to learn, they are also sustainable & fun! 

Composting Food Waste

Did you know that food doesn’t decompose into the land when you throw it away? Food that ends up in landfills is often on top of other waste such as plastics and does not reach the ground; releasing carbon emissions as it is left to rot in the open. Composting is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, practice easy zero waste at home, and turn unwanted kitchen scraps into garden gold. 

All you need is your kitchen scraps (green matter), and brown matter such as soil, dead leaves, newspaper, cardboard and more. 

Start off with a layer of brown matter in a bag or basket, then add in your kitchen scraps and cover with another layer of brown layer on top. If you have bokashi powder, you can speed up the process by sprinkling some over your compost. Keep layering & turn it once a week for quicker results. In 4-6 months your compost will be ready and you can add this organic fertilizer to your garden!

View the full tutorial here.

Growing your Own Food

95% of Malaysians do not eat the daily recommended amount of vegetables. Alarming as it is, we can attribute some reasons to easy access to unhealthy food, or simply a lack of understanding and appreciation for vegetables. How we at Sunway XFarms want to change this, is to teach people how to grow their own food– did you know that a single leafy green takes about 6 weeks to fully grow?

If you do not have a garden or balcony, do not think growing your own food is a distant dream! Introducing our Eco-friendly Mini Farm Kit. We’ve made it beginner and space-friendly to grow your very own food at home. Unlike traditional garden farming, this one is a lot more straightforward as you grow with just water! Okay, you do have to supply your crops with an appropriate amount of nutrients, but believe us when we say it is way easier and cleaner than soil growing! We’ve made sure to include a step-by-step guide as well– both in video format and pictures! 

View the full tutorial here.

Microgreens Growing Kit

If you’d rather not wait 2 months, or are not feeling confident, try your hand at microgreens! Not only are they incredibly easy to grow, they are just as easy to eat, even for the pickiest of vegetable eaters. How much fresher can your food get when you’re harvesting it from your table to garnish onto your meal?

These sprout vegetables will grow in as little as a week and are actually 20x more nutritious than their mature counterparts; not to mention they are super luscious and a treat to simply admire. Just spread some seeds evenly onto damp peatmoss & let the magic happen! 

View the full tutorial here.

Agrifood Apprentice Programme

Got green fingers & spare hours with the desire to learn? Why not try our Agrifood Apprentice Programme? Sustainable farming is more important than we realize, not only to improve local food security but also to reduce agriculture’s carbon footprint as a whole.

Our programme is a minimum commitment of 4 hours a week, and each day of the week consists of different tasks. You will be guided by field professionals, gain hands-on experiences and build potentially life-long bonds with other apprentices! 

Learn more here.

Trust us when we say we love the holidays and enjoying a well-deserved break, but not only are these green skills easy to learn, they are also passive, meaning you only need to actively work on them for about 5 minutes or less at a time, and let Mother Nature do the rest of the work (excluding the apprentice programme, of course)!

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