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Sustainable Gift Ideas for Conscious Christmas Giving

Christmas is a serious gifting season for some; and as the years go by, ideas run dry. Some sits will make gift idea lists that only include frivolous things that are currently in trend– items that will remain unused once the fad is over. So let us steer away from that line of gifting this year, and spread holiday cheer while trying to be mindful of our impact on the environment. We’ve curated a list of sustainable gift ideas this Christmas that will be sure to bring joy to its recipient.

Eco-friendly Mini Farm Kit

Ever wanted to grow your own edible garden but worried about not having green fingers? You can take the first step with this beginner-proof, eco-friendly mini farm kit. Growing with just water, you can plant these bok choy seeds indoors mess-free.

Pick a jar or upcycle a used bottle, everything you need to grow your own food in 6 weeks is included in this nifty box, from seeds to plant food, and of course, step-by-step instructions. It certainly is an uncommon gift for those looking for something special! 

DIY Microgreens Growing Kit 

For those a little more excited to see day-to-day growth, this microgreens growing kit will be ready to harvest in just 7 days. It’s perfect for younger children to learn how to grow and satisfy their curious mind with quicker results. This DIY kit includes 2 types of seeds, organic peatmoss, a gardening tool, a grow tray, and step-by-step instructions. As a bonus, all components in this kit are fully reusable, compostable, or recyclable. 

On top of looking luscious and tasting great, microgreens also pack a bunch of health benefits. It’s a great gift all around, engaging for both the mind and the body. 

Home Composting Kit

Can you guess how much food waste ends up rotting in the landfill each year instead of decomposing in the ground where it should? If everyone took less than a minute to direct their kitchen scraps and raw food waste into a home compost instead of the bin, globally we could cut our greenhouse gas emissions by 6%; all while getting free, natural, organic fertilizers for our gardens and plants.

That’s where this home composting kit comes in. It includes a compost bag, a set of gardening tools, and bokashi powder to help speed up the process. This sustainable gift idea is suitable for those with gardens or a balcony, and for people who don’t mind getting their hands dirty. 

Composting is a passive activity, as mother nature does most of the work to break down the organic matter inside naturally. That makes this gift suitable for those who with busier schedules. 

Glass containers

Never underestimate the versatility of glass containers! They are better for both the environment and our health, preventing toxic chemicals from seeping into our food when heating up in the microwave. They are also better at storing your leftover food in freezers and fridges, without worry of any chemical release from the glass. At the end of its life, the glass can be recycled indefinitely. Most people opt for plastic containers in their pantry to save money, so you would be surprised at what a thoughtful gift a good glass container can be for someone! 

Ready to get some thoughtful gifts this year? Know someone who would love these sustainable gift ideas? Check out our gift options below for a conscious Christmas! For a limited time this festive season, we have a Little Farmer’s Holiday 3-in-1 Gardening Set, for those who want to give a big green gift to a special person. 

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