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4 Christmas Recipe Ideas You’ll Love

Tis the season of gathering & sharing meals. Want to prepare some festive dishes while waiting for your turkey to roast? Take a look at these 4 fun Christmas recipe ideas you’ll love!

Holly Jolly Heirloom Tomatoes

These herb and garlic roasted tomatoes will burst with flavour in your mouth. And they are oh-so-easy to make. Toss your fresh mini heirloom tomatoes with minced garlic, herbs of your choice, and olive oil. Pop them in the oven for about 20 minutes and you’ll be serving a delicious side that goes well with almost anything on the table.

Jingle Bell Peppers

Crunchy & juicy, make your own jingle bell peppers by stuffing half-cut peppers with a filling of your choice — we like minced meat and rice or potatoes. Don’t forget to top them off with melted mozzarella cheese. These will be sure to be a party hit.

Under the Microgreens

Mistletoes aren’t for everyone, but microgreens sure are! Sprinkle a handful onto your dishes and feel the love between you and your favourite food! Not only do microgreens enhance the look and flavour of any dish, it’s packed with macronutrients! A treat for both your tastebuds and your health.

Salad-Claus is Coming to Town

Balance your decadent meat platters with a side of colourful leafy salad. Don’t forget to decorate this Christmas tree-like dish with ornaments of red and yellow! Capsicums, cherry tomatoes or apples will bring out colour and flavour in your salad. Sprinkle some feta cheese to act as the fairie lights on the tree!

How do you like this list of Christmas recipe ideas? We’ve got a list of recipes included in our Christmas Feast Complementary Bundle! Get the freshest and greatest-tasting vegetables for your meals this season.

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