Sunway XFarms

Launching the largest indoor vertical farm in KLCC

Our goal at Sunway XFarms has always been to increase local food security, shorten food supply chains and provide communities with access to fresh, high-quality food grown close to them. To that end, we are pleased to launch the largest indoor vertical farm in KLCC in order to reach out to the dense urban population there.

Located in Jalan Ampang, we are expanding into Sunway Tower while exploring the unique opportunity of transforming an old office building into a vibrant urban farm in the city center. Our new farm is 38,000 sqft and spans three floors, expecting to produce more than 10 tonnes of food a month. 

The project team has been working full force since the beginning of the project to fully design and customize all our systems, both hardware and software, to meet both commercial and sustainable farm goals.  with automated climate systems going through vigorous R&D to ensure our produce are consistent and of the highest quality for our customers, all whilst minimizing energy, water and yields wastage.

As a country that imports more than 55% of vegetables and is going through challenging times due to the global food shortage, we see that there is no better time to scale up and contribute to food security. As urban farmers, we take pride to know that we are impacting not only our food production levels but population health goals, which we believe will have a positive and lasting impact on future generations.

The produce we grow has always been heavily tailored to customer demand, and will continue to be so with the tower. Our signature premium salad lettuces, Asian greens, kale, fruity vegetables, and microgreens will all be available. The team has been speaking with both potential customers and partners in the area to launch more exciting new varieties in the future. 

With consistent growing cycle and quality, we can avoid price hikes when the weather is unpredictable and reduce the worries of vegetable price fluctuation.

Fighting the rising obesity rate with local produce

Malaysia has the highest prevalence of obesity and heart diseases in the region, and consumers are increasingly becoming more health-conscious and mindful of their diets. 

We want to encourage the local intake of fresh and hearty vegetables with our tasty and nutrient-intact produce thanks to our ability to grow close to consumers. If you’re looking for delicious, easy-to-prep meals at home, our ever-growing recipe page was made just for you! 

Of course, we understand not everyone cooks, and we do have F&B partners such as La Juiceria and Spargoeats who serve delicious, balanced meals for good health. 

Together we not only fight for food security, but we can also achieve a healthier, happier population together. Check out our online vegetable subscription today!